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    At Your CBD Store-Woodforest, we aim to educate a growing community about the purpose and benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.
    Humans, and our pets are born with an endocannabinoid system that spans our whole body much like our nervous system. There are CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain, down your spine, in muscle and nerve tissue, and throughout your major organ system. This system naturally creates cannabinoids in our bodies. Generally, our bodies aren’t creating the optimal levels of each independent molecule, which is why we are more susceptible to different ailments.
    This is why introducing a CBD based supplement is beneficial. When you have the proper levels on cannabinoids in your system, you enter a form of homeostasis. Meaning your balanced endocannabinoid system is allowing your body to more naturally and efficiently heal itself. Experiencing this total-body-system-anti-inflammation, is how CBD can effect chemical imbalances in the brain, relieve muscle and joint inflammation, and the long list of other ailments its been know to help.
    If you have questions, please come in and visit us at The Shops at Woodforest! 2300 Woodforest Pkwy N Montgomery, TX 77316


    Come meet the Owner, Gunnar & our Office Manager, Christina
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    Rep/Contact Info

    Gunnar Cook
    Christina Hernandez-Baez
    Office Manager
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