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    So why not showcase your knowledge by being a GUEST COLUMNIST with Montgomery Area Chamber?!  This is just one more way that we want to promote your business and provide value to you, our members!  We will add your submitted articles to our BLOGS that are hosted at the bottom of the website.  In turn, you/we can share these blog articles on our social media channels and tag your business as the guest columnist!  By participating, you have the chance to better inform, educate, and aid in the development of other members and the community at large.

    Topics for blog articles can reflect your expertise and don't have to be limited to generic business or leadership.  They can range from seasonal home tips, to pet tricks, to financial advice, and more! You may also include pictures that enhance your article, or we may select some stock photos for you.


    • Max 650 words
    • Include Title, Author, Chamber Member Organization
    • YES include: tips, tricks, FAQs, mythbusters, etc.  
    • NO don't include: sales pitches, company promos, or service offerings
    • AVOID: brand naming or singling out a particular company
    • LINKS to external sites are acceptable.  Please include link URL
    • IMAGES should be 1MB or smaller and JPG or PNG format
    • Don't plagiarize.  Give appropriate credit for borrowed information
    • All articles will be reviewed for appropriateness of content prior to publish
    • Chamber is not responsible for content editing or proofing
    • Chamber reserves the right not to approve any article
    • Use submission link below to copy and paste content
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