• Who moved the cheese?

    Who moved the cheese?

    After a relaxing weekend of Mother's Day indulgence, I was met with some daunting social media challenges come Monday morning which re-prioritized my day as well as our Chamber's immediate marketing goals.  (ie... getting people to know what we are doing! That's kind of important, don't you think?)

    Every business faces these similar moments.  You had a plan.  Then the goal posts moved.  And the new plan comes with a great deal of back-learning. So the first thought is "I'm sick of this!" and you are tempted to throw your hands up and walk away.  Yep.  Me, too.

    You've got a choice.  Forge ahead with the old way regardless, or take a short pause and get your toolkit caught up to align with the new goal posts.

    As painful as it is, these realignments are necessary evils, and in the end will help your productivity and reach!  So alas, you must.


    For starters:  You might not be seeing us in your news feed quite as much!  Just as we headed into the peak of social distancing and the strong reliance on social media for staying connected... Facebook moved the cheese.  Many of our followers who had selected SEE FIRST were now reset to default.  OH NO!  Our reach in February and March was far greater than April.  Suddenly, getting any viewers or visibility was an exhausting effort with little to no traction.  If it is happening to us, then it is happening to you too!

    What is the point of creating great content if no one sees it?  

    Below is a screen shot to show you where you can add us back in your news feed!  Then as you learn the steps, encourage your followers to do likewise for your page.

    Once you find our Business Page on FB, click the FOLLOWING tab just below the Cover Image and set your notifications to SEE FIRST and STANDARD!  This will enable you to get all our great content and help us continue to share and promote the wonderful things happening around Montgomery, TX!

    On your phone you can tackle the same objective with a few extra steps.  Check out these screen grabs to help you navigate the journey:

    That's just the tip of the iceberg with the changes we need to tackle in Facebook land right now!
    Stay tuned for much much more!  They definitely require a minute to get familiar with and plan out, but in the end, I think we will all be able to streamline our efforts and forge ahead.

    Heard of Creator Studio yet?  The FB of the future.  Can't wait to explore it together!

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