• Time is of the Essence

    In the age of instant gratification, TIME has become one of mankind's largest commodity.  It has an exact allotment that is unwavering and in many cases, unsympathetic to our human plight.  Thanks to Amazon and the world of next day free delivery, our small business community struggles to keep up with the consumer demand.  But perhaps there is something more to be considered.  We certainly aren't doing anyone any favors by adding too many appointments to our schedules, and consequently being late to every one of them.  Checking emails and texts for the next gig, while sitting in front of the current client.  All these things we can choose, and more appropriately... choose NOT to do... and still be successful.

    For many who find working with people to be exhausting, it is good to build in some recovery time, to reenergize and to digest the results of the previous meeting before moving to the next.

    We should also be present in the moment we are in, clearly focused on the person(s) across the table.  You can actually set the phone on silent and not answer it during a meeting.  Voicemail is a curious thing that way.  It is meant for moments like that.

    And most of all, don't forget that there are seasons to life for a reason.  Rather than complain about those "slow" times, use them to your advantage to strategically prepare for the "hustle" times.  You can't have a mountain if there isn't a valley by comparison.  They work in tandem for a reason.  Use them.

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