• Time for some higher vision

    So often, business leaders get trapped into focusing on the task right in front of them.  The inevitable outcome = the task grows monumental and suddenly you are all out of perspective.  Always when I read clever stories with analogies to planes or ships, the punch line revolves around focusing on the horizon.  Looking far off rather than up close.

    It is true that we can miss the forest for the trees.  They wouldn't create these silly idioms if there weren't some truth in them.

    It's time for some higher vision.  This week at Coffee Club, we had our second "Pass It On" moment talking about VISION.

    In my experiences with running the Chamber, which is a business like any other, I've come upon hard times and exciting times.  In every bit of the journey, I have been encouraged by others in all walks of life to get to 50,000 feet to see, because the view from there is completely different than the troubles of the day.  And they were right.  Standing where I am now, I can't recall the daily struggles I had 2-3 years ago with a little thing.  Instead, I can see the journey that has unfolded and the road of success we are on, which stretches before us as far as I can dare to see.

    This is the place leaders should live.  And when we must climb down to take care of this or that, don't fret.  Do those things with ferver and passion, and then as often as you are able, climb back up to the Eagle's nest and take a look.  The view is breath taking.

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