• Take Inventory of your WORDS

    I recently listened to a podcast by a businesman talking about all the keys to his success thus far in his entrepreneural journey.  Entrpreneurs are inspiring to me.  From start to finish, I appreciate all the drive, dedication and determination required to see a vision through from start to finish.  In my position with the Chamber, I can in some ways relate to those attributes, and I glean from every speaker and trainer on how to do this world better each and every day.

    As I listened to this podcast, my mind raced to the easy bullet points of "how-to's" he rattled off and the various ways in which I could replicate that in my own experience.  Better yet, I wanted to find simple ways to reshare those points to our members and business community leaders in some special and impactful way.

    In the process of my quick mental strategy, I realized he had missed one of the biggest factors I've come to appreciate about influencing my situations in life... Take Inventory of Your Words!

    What you speak about yourself, your business, your customers and your community has huge impact in your success and your outcomes in any situation.  Not only the words you choose, but the tone and inflextion with which you present those words.  Both to yourself and to others.

    So let's just start right here.  Today is a great day to Take Inventory of Your Words!  And if you don't like what they are bringing your way...then change them.  It is never too late.

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