• Small Business Trends - Same Day Delivery?!

    Small businesses today must not only complete with their local neighbors, and big box retail, but they are thrown into the deep end competing with the global retail market.  Yes the online phenom is the biggest threat, but also the biggest opportunity.  SB's are no longer limited to the folks in their own neighborhood, but able to reach the entire world, should they so choose.

    But delivery...ahhh the cost or effective and efficient delivery.  Consumers today are now conditioned to same day (or at the very least, next day) delivery options at a reasonable rate.

    Small Business Trends online recently published an infograph + article breaking down the numbers to understand the direction we are headed in consumerism by the dawn of 2019.

    Is it time for you to look at your business model and consider the dynamics of your online reach and delivery methods?

    Check it out and tell us what you think!

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