• Leaders Need Good Judgement

    It's not enough to know a lot of stuff.  What you do with the stuff you know makes all the difference!  That is where Judgement comes into play.

    Many people have been quoted saying a similar line, but I like the way Will Rogers said it best:  "Good judgement comes from experience--and a lot of that comes from bad judgement."

    The critical component of a company that is good vs. a company that is great is finding a leader/owner who possesses good judgement.  That keen ability to assess a situation, determine the steps required to navigate that situation and ultimately, the fortitude to implement the action required to see it through to completion.  All those steps are comprised in this one word:  Judgement.

    So consider your leadership style and the situations you face on the regular.  Stop and take time to reflect on the way you've handled recent events and determine some simple ways to improve on those occurances.  Seemlingly small alignments or adjustments can make a huge difference over time.

    Just one more way we are #DoingBusinessBetter in Montgomery, TX!

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