• Getting the right team members is key

    We have a vision and a passion for our plans but do we have the right team members in place to carry out all that is required to maximize our vision's potential?
    Choosing the correct team members and getting them placed in the right seats on your bus can make or break the trajectory of your plan.

    But how do you know who your team members really are, and what their best role in your company really is?
    Consider the Myers-Briggs Personality test for starters.  I recommend the free website test and results at www.16personalities.com 
    This test delves deeper into what makes a person tick than just dropping them into 1 of 4 categories or colors or animals, depending on the preference of the guest facilitator of the day.
    What you will learn about your team could advance your vision, or avoid future pitfalls.

    Great leaders take the time to KNOW THEIR TEAM and purposefully place them in the best posititions for success.  Their success = your success.

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