• Applying leverage can help reach the goal

    I was recently working on a presentation using my trusty PowerPoint program, when suddenly I began receiving error messages for some program files.  At first I thought I had moved around some linked photos or inserts, but I quickly realized this was at the program level and not my fault.  Within the hour, I was getting an error message with every click, which brought my presentation efforts to a screeching halt.

    My husband is pretty quick to solve these types of problems, but I wanted to prove to myself, that with a little research and troubleshooting I could handle this fix on my own.  After 3 days of reviewing discussion boards, contacting Microsoft, researching uninstalling and reinstalling programs, I was exhausted and hadn't gotten any closer to my solution.  Overhearing my disgust with the outcomes, my husband asked me what was going on, to which I snapped back that I had it all under control.  And his response was obvious, "It doesn't look like you do, MOVE."

    With that, I slid out of my chair and gave him the mouse and of course... within 3 clicks, he had solved the problem I was straining over for 3 days.  I didn't know whether to kiss him or hit him.

    I thought over this story for days to follow and wondered what I was actually proving when trying to go it alone unecessarily.  He obviously had the skills required to reduce my toil to minutes rather than days.  After my reflection I realized this concept was called LEVERAGE.  It is most certainly a tool intended to make hard things easier; to resolve an issue in minutes what would normally take days.

    As I researched LEVERAGE I came across several components of the word that helped clarify this concept which can help us in business.

    1. As  a simple machine in physics, leverage means that you can apply a lesser effort with the help of a tool to acheive a greater outcome.  
    2. In sports, leverage is found in getting the center of gravity low to the ground to stablize and prepare for a larger next step.

    Among your business and personal relationships, there are people with skills, talents, and resources that can move the needle for you in minutes what would otherwise take days.  Don't be afraid to call on them and take advantage of those opportunities.  Likewise, you have your own set of skills and talents to offer the same leverage for others.


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